Email Filter-Only Service

The Email Filter-Only service stands between your email servers and the Internet, acting as a gateway that helps to protect your users and infrastructure from email threats like spam and viruses.

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How the Widomaker email filter-only service works

Widomaker's Email Filter-Only Service evaluates each and every email message using the latest in scanning technology to make a determination as to whether the content of the message is legitimate and wanted, or contains spam, phishing attacks, or a virus payload.

If the message is deemed legitimate, it's delivered to the recipient's email inbox. If the message is deemed spam, the subject line can be tagged, and a custom configurable header can be added to the message for delivery by your existing mail server to your users' inboxes, or designated spam folder. You may also chose to have spam delivered to a web-based Spam Quarantine where the recipient can periodically login to view and review messages flagged as spam. If a message contains a virus, it is simply discarded, protecting your users from infection.