Reseller Hosting

Become a reseller and sell Web and Email Hosting to your customers.  Reseller Hosting is intended for web designers and developers that manage their customers' websites on an ongoing basis.  Reseller Hosting makes it easy to include reliable web hosting as part of your service.

We will manage and maintain the server so you can concentrate on creating and managing your websites.  We include tools that make managing websites easier.

Reseller Subscription

A reseller subscription provides a set of resources and services that the reseller redistributes by means of service subscriptions belonging to their customers or to themself.

Reseller Panel

The Reseller Panel offers an easy and convenient graphical user interface that enables you to easily manage your websites.

Key Features

Below are just several of the key features of our Reseller Hosting.

Control Panel

Our servers use Linux and Plesk.  Plesk provides an easy to use graphical interface for the most common hosting and website building tasks.


Support a local, Hampton Roads, Tidewater, and Coastal Virginia business, by choosing Widomaker.  We're here in the same community as you and your clients.


The hosting servers are managed by us, and our selected partners, so you don't have to worry about server maintenance.  You can focus on designing and managing the websites for your clients.

Free SSL

Free  Let’s Encrypt certificates are supported.  Paid certificates are also available.

Email Accounts

Provide your customers with professional email accounts accessible via POP, IMAP, SMTP, and Webmail.  Compatible with Outlook, Thunderbird, and more.


Scheduled and manual website backup functionality is included.

Wordpress Tools

The Wordpress Toolkit by Plesk makes managing Wordpress websites easier.  Features include the One-click Installer,  Staging Environment, One-click Hardening, Maintenance Mode, and more.

Smart Updates

The  Smart Updates premium feature for  WordPress Toolkit by Plesk helps keep your websites up-to-date while reducing the risk of breaking your website. Smart Updates analyses the potential consequences of installing updates and advises you whether doing so is likely to be safe.


ImunifyAV+ is an intelligent antivirus and security monitoring tool for websites with one-click automatic malware cleanup, domains reputation monitoring and blacklist status check.

SEO Toolkit

Let the SEO Toolkit guide you towards maximizing your search engine traffic.  Get actionable insights as a task list, such as duplicated content, defective links, H1/H2/H3 headings, and much more with the help of the SEO Advisor.

Reseller Pricing Plans

Monthly Reseller Virtual Hosting Plans

3 Month Trial


* This special rate, good for new customers and for only 3 months, allows you to try our services before choosing a full plan. The trial rate will automatically switch to a full plan after 3 months.

5 GB Storage
50 GB Bandwidth
5 Websites
β˜‘ DNS Hosting
β˜‘ Wordpress Toolkit
β˜‘ Smart Updates

Rising (S)


20 GB Storage
200 GB Bandwidth
20 Websites
β˜‘ DNS Hosting
β˜‘ Wordpress Toolkit
β˜‘ Smart Updates
β˜‘ ImunifyAV+
β˜‘ SEO Toolkit

Flourishing (M)


50 GB Storage
500 GB Bandwidth
50 Websites
β˜‘ DNS Hosting
β˜‘ Wordpress Toolkit
β˜‘ Smart Updates
β˜‘ ImunifyAV+
β˜‘ SEO Toolkit

Thriving (L)


90 GB Storage
900 GB Bandwidth
90 Websites
β˜‘ DNS Hosting
β˜‘ Wordpress Toolkit
β˜‘ Smart Updates
β˜‘ ImunifyAV+
β˜‘ SEO Toolkit

Legendary (XL)


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