What About Unlimited?

Have you seen other providers offering "unlimited" options for some of their hosting resources?  Don't be too impressed with "unlimited."   Remember that more doesn’t necessarily mean better.  When starting out, keep it simple, until you know your site will have more exciting resource requirements!

Unlimited Bandwidth

  • Don't be fooled by those "unlimited" bandwidth offers.
  • All hosting providers have to pay for the bandwidth their customers use, so to provide a truly unlimited service is not realistic.
  • By "unlimited," they just mean, for the average user, it might as well be unlimited, because most users will never exceed the typical limits. 
  • Most websites' bandwidth needs will easily fit into one of our hosting subscription tiers.
  • If not, we can likely provide a custom quote that meets your needs.

Unlimited Disk Storage

  • Don't be overly impressed when some providers offer "unlimited" disk storage.
  • Disk storage space is a finite resource.
  • Most websites' disk storage needs will easily fall into one of our subscription tiers.
  • However, if you have special disk storage needs, please contact us to discuss them, and get a custom quote.
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